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A Different Shred of Skin




Salt Pork and Sunsets


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Born in Ottawa, Canada in 1970 he grew up on the outskirts, in a suburb endearingly entitled Kanata. A place where mortgages are almost as high as egos. A place where his father died of cancer and his mother committed suicide. A place to leave in order to heal pulsing wounds. His travels have taken him to the far reaches of our increasingly shrinking planet. Tromping through the foothills of the Himalayas to the plains in Kenya and the tropical rainforest of Venezuela, he has tried to curb that shadow of childhood that never leaves us. As individual as a thumbprint, it has followed him through the traffic jams, the country walks, the shopping malls, the airports, the cemeteries. He has found solace in writing. His first poem appeared in a San Francisco publication entitled Athena Incognito in 1994. He hasn’t looked back. His first chapbook was published by Alpha Beat Press (US) 1995 with the title The Dawn of Silence. This was followed by Salt Pork and Sunsets published by Black Bile Press 1997, Second Printing 1998 (CAN.) His first full-length book A Different Shred of Skin which includes the Black & White photography of Michael B. of Switzerland Forthcoming .

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